PenguinSwap brings superpowers to Uniswap

We want to empower Traders, Poolers, and Communities that depend on Uniswap with better tools!

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PenguinSwap was built to give UniSwap superpowers like auto-arbitrage and pathing customization.

NFT Shop

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Advanced analytics

Penguin Party Ecosystem

Penguin Party is a MetaGovernance DAO that participates as a governance delegate on Uniswap and Compound and operates PenguinSwap - an open-source, community-run interface for Uniswap.

Our current collection of tokens:


Fish is the main token of Penguin Party - it represents voting power within the party.


Shrimp are wrapped UNI - The Shrimp contract delegates the underlying UNI to Penguin Party


Crab are wrapped COMP - The Crab contract delegates the underlying COMP to Penguin Party


Tori are wrapped aDAI - The Tori Contract redirects the underlying ADAI's interest to the Penguin Party treasury.

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